Fitness Classes

Beginning August 2019, all fitness classes will be held in the Bobby Valentine Recreation Center. Classes are free and open to all SHU full-time students and those students who have purchased a Rec Center membership. Class sizes are limited, so be sure to sign up online to secure your spot. A Wait List will be provided in the case of no-shows.

Memberships are necessary for Graduate students, ESL students and part-time undergraduates.

To register and prepay for the staff only classes, call 203-365-7543. To obtain additional health and wellness opportunities for staff, refer to the SHU Employee Wellness Program website.

Class Descriptions

30 Minute Madness
Boot camp Madness! 30 minutes to burn, tone and sweat! Hit high heart rates, tone your muscles, and train your body to be ready for the summer!

Barre-Cardio Fusion
A great combination! Intense cardio workout to burn some calories, and a muscle intensive workout designed to reshape and elongate the body.

Barre-Pilates Fusion
A strengthening and lengthening workout that will challenge your muscles!

Big Red CrossFit - 10 person max
CrossFit is defined as “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” At Big Red CrossFit, we offer a strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercises, body weight exercises, and Olympic weightlifting. Participants will lift, run, jump, pull, and of course, hit lots of burpees, on their way to a fitter version of themselves. Work with coaches to perform functional movements executed at high intensity and be ready for an amazing fitness experience.

All CrossFit classes begin promptly at the times listed and are capped at 10 people per class. Late attendees will be turned away and all spots are on a fist come first serve basis. Any participant not abiding to the rules of Big Red CrossFit and the designated coach will be removed from class. 

Maximum sweat, minimal time! Fast paced and fun. Get your cardio and strength all at once in this interval/circuit style class.

Rhythm Ride
Ride to the rhythm of the music! Get ready to sweat as you spin to the beat of the music. We are adding a twist by adding bands to tone and shape your arms.  

A fun and intense workout that takes place on a specialized Spin bike. The room stays charged with great music as your instructor motivates you and guides you through various types of riding techniques.

Spin Circuit
Get your cycle on with a great Spin class followed by band work to tone and strengthen your upper body. 

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training. A great way to train your fitness level to new heights, featuring 8 rounds of interval trainings - 20-seconds-on, 20-seconds-off.

Yoga combines various postures to tone, strengthen and align the body; it focuses on strength, flexibility and spirituality. Yoga also incorporates breathing techniques and meditation.

Move fast and have fun! Zumba is a fast paced, Latin inspired, dance party-fitness class. Bring your energy and get ready to work your whole body to the beat of great music.

Zumba Burst
Zumba with Bursts® integrates high-intensity athletic intervals into the tried and true Zumba® formula. Get ready for an exciting and effective workout! This program fuses high intensity training concepts with electrifying fitness exercises into the well-recognized Zumba® formula, for a cardio boosting fitness workout. Turn up the intensity, turn up the fun- and get those rockin' body results you are craving. 

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