Big Red Adventure

Computer Game

Big Red Adventure

 Screen shots from the Big Red Adventure Computer Game

Big Red Adventure Computer Game

Welcome to Big Red Adventure—a creation of the Sacred Heart University gaming program. The student creators of this program are all graduate or undergraduate majors in the University’s computer science and information technology program.

This is a collection game with three ways to score points: capture Greensters (alien observers from planet Tronedeau); explore campus buildings and collide with objects hidden throughout each building; play any or all of three mini-games found in various Sacred Heart parking lots.

While accumulating a high score is one way to win the game, another “win” is the ability to explore Sacred Heart’s campus. This is not a virtual tour. It is not any form of gamification. Rather, we believe it is the first game ever created with a primary goal of helping potential students have fun while becoming acquainted with our University.

To play, download the game files to your computer

For Windows:

For Mac:

Beta testers wanted!

We want to learn from our players. Download and play Big Red Adventure. Then send us an e-mail at to tell us what you think and make any suggestions for improvement.

Version 1.0 is coming soon. Your feedback makes you part of our development team and will be gratefully acknowledged.