Journalism Concentration

The concentration in Journalism combines traditional print-focused work with multimedia production thus providing students the opportunity to develop the writing and media skills required in contemporary journalism. As is the case with all our majors, students will take classes in both the history/theory and production of journalism, and they will graduate prepared to be active and engaged citizens working as communication professionals.

A Media Arts major with a concentration in Journalism moves through the following curriculum:

Required Courses | 48 Credits

  • CM 101: Introduction to Media Culture     3 CR
  • CM 102: Introduction to Media Production     3 CR
  • CM 211: News Writing and Reporting I     3 CR
  • CM 300: Senior Seminar     3 CR
  • CM 397: Senior Project I     3 CR
  • CM 398: Senior Project II     3 CR
  • 3 Additional CM Production Courses
  • 3 Additional CM History/Theory Courses
  • 2 Additional CM Electives

One course from the following:

  • CM 124: History of Broadcasting
  • CM 125: History of Journalism
  • CM 126: History of Advertising/Public Relations

One course from the following:

  • CM 226: Magazine Production
  • CM 229: Photojournalism
  • CM 271: TV News Magazine Production

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The School of Communication and Media Arts also offers a Journalism minor.