Additional International Units and Programs

Additional International Units and Programs


International Admissions

Sacred Heart University offers many exciting programs and opportunities for international students like you, no matter what your home flag looks like. Whether you want to attend school in the U. S. A. for a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, a Doctorate degree or intensive English language instruction, Sacred Heart has the academic programs and the support you need to be a successful student—and to help you reach your unique goals.

Immigration and Support Services

Located in Hawley Lounge in the Academic Building, the Immigration and Support Services office is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about visa and immigration matters, adjusting to studying in the United States, or life at Sacred Heart. 

Volunteer Programs and Service Learning

Social responsibility plays a role in our curriculum, events and student activities. SHU offers Volunteer Programs, Service Learning opportunities and Immersion Programs to suit everyone – every aspiration, every career goal, every social interest.

Global Health Programs

College of Health Professions

The College of Health Professions is committed to providing students with international opportunities to promote global health awareness, cultural competence and providing education to engage in social justice. Global programs include short-term study abroad, mission and service learning, and clinical experiences. Whenever possible, an interdisciplinary model is provided. ‌

College of Nursing

‌The School of Nursing supports global learning for all degree levels. We aim to expose our students to global health issues, cultural awareness and competence, social justice and healthcare development for disadvantaged communities in the United States and abroad. Our service learning approach envelopes our academic programs with community service in combination with critical, reflective thinking.

SHU in Dingle

Open to both SHU students and students from other universities, Sacred Heart University offers perhaps the most immersive Irish Studies program anywhere, as students have the unrivaled opportunity to delve into Irish culture in the heart of the Irish-speaking Dingle Gaeltacht region. Students do not merely read about Ireland; they live the Irish experience through hands-on seminars led by accomplished scholars and local experts using Dingle as the campus classroom. All of our courses feature active participation and immersion – both in and out of the classroom. What develops is a profound understanding of Celtic culture and society, historically and in the modern world. The SHU in Dingle experience is offered in short term ‚Äčand semester options.

SHU Luxembourg

Sacred Heart University has been in Luxembourg since 1991 offering graduate level programs tailored to the needs of the working individual. Sacred Heart University offers the only academically accredited MBA Program taught in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Students enrolled in the Luxembourg program typically include professionals from many countries around the world. Classroom instruction is in English.