Mathematics Major

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What will I study?

You will study all aspects of mathematics beginning with calculus, but will then move onto more advanced fields such as linear algebra, probability and statistics, real analysis, and abstract algebra. You will learn advanced mathematical thought in our structures and proofs class where you will learn to prove theorems. Students also have the opportunity to take mathematics electives in the fields of differential equations, number theory, graph theory, history of mathematics, complex analysis, geometry, topology. You will also have the opportunity to do independent research with a faculty member.

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Why choose mathematics at SHU?

In the math department at Sacred Heart University, the focus is on the students. You will be taught by accomplished faculty members who are active experts in their field whose primary focus is on student learning. Classes are small, so faculty are able to give students individual attention. The faculty get to know the students well, and the students get to know each other well. There are plentiful opportunities for students to work with faculty on independent research, or to simply drop by to discuss class assignments. Between the close student-to-faculty interaction, student-to-student interaction, and opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom, the Sacred Heart University mathematics department is the ideal department for any student who wants an interesting, challenging, dynamic, and memorable experience in learning mathematics in a close-knit community.

Will I have internship opportunities? 

Depending on your interests, students have completed internships at local schools through our Farrington College of Education, have obtained internships at corporations, and have gotten summer research fellowships in the form of REUs through various universities.

Will I have study abroad opportunities? 

Yes, study abroad opportunities are available through the university. Many mathematics majors have studied abroad in places such as Luxembourg, Ireland, and Australia.

Are there special admission requirements?

 A solid foundation in precalculus is recommended.

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What are my career options with a mathematics degree?

With a mathematics degree, the world is your oyster! Our math majors have gone onto careers in education, business, actuarial science, and have furthered their education in masters and doctoral programs throughout the country. Employers are impressed with a mathematics degree because it shows that you have the strong ability to think analytically and that you have a deep understanding of the quantitative world around you. 

Our recent alumni have secured positions with the following companies:

  • Aetna International
  • Compucom
  • Darien Public Schools
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • King Industries, Inc.
  • National Security Agency
  • Newgate Capital Management
  • Russell Investments
  • Sacred Heart University Information Technology
  • Trumbull Public Schools
  • Unilever

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What co-curricular activities are available?

Outside the classroom, our math majors participate in a variety of activities, such as a student-run Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon National Honor Society, monthly problem-solving competitions, COMAP Math Modeling Competition, guest speakers, Math Alumni Night, and student memberships to the Mathematical Association of America.

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