Illustration Concentration

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The field of Illustration both reflects and helps define the cultural trends of society using the vocabulary of images unique to a given period. In our Illustration Concentration students learn to appreciate the impact of this visual language in the fields of publishing, advertising and editorial art. The Illustration Concentration is aligned with the Graphic Design Concentration in the common goal of developing strong critical thinking skills and their application in visual communication. Students pursuing an Illustration Concentration will develop this variety of visual communication skills in both descriptive and expressive techniques utilizing a wide range of media. Additional emphasis is placed on the study of key illustration principles such as conceptual problem solving, composition and textual layout. Students are encouraged to develop a personal style to give them a competitive edge in the ever-changing field of contemporary illustration.

The major in Art & Design requires the completion of 51 credits. Art & Design majors complete 18 credits in foundational courses plus 33 credits in their areas of concentration.

Required Foundational Courses for Art and Design

  • AR 101 Art in the Western World
  • AR 201 Studies in Modern Art or one other three-credit art history offering
  • AR 110 Design: Visual Organization
  • AR 111 Design II: Color
  • AR 114 Computer Design Basics
  • AR 120 Drawing I

Additional Required Courses for Illustration Concentration

  • AR 211 Graphic Design I
  • AR 220 Drawing II: Life
  • AR 221 Drawing III
  • AR 225 Design for the Web
  • AR 250 Introduction to Illustration
  • AR 229 Introduction to Painting (or AR 131 Watercolor with permission of the department)
  • AR 230 Painting II
  • AR 260 Illustration II
  • AR 261 Illustration III
  • AR 360 Illustration IV
  • AR 392 Illustration Portfolio


Professional internships are possible through AR 396 Internship with the permission of the department.