General Art for Education Concentration

51 credits

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The concentration in Art Education is offered to students interested in becoming teachers.  The concentration provides the foundational knowledge and skills in the visual arts necessary for successful teaching in the K-12 schools. As undergraduates, students major in Art and Design with a concentration in Art Education and join the Farrington College of Education's Five Year Program in their sophomore year. The Art Education concentration, in conjunction with preparation in the Five Year Program, prepares students for Connecticut certification in elementary education with a cross-endorsement in art education. Consult the Farrington College of Education pages for admission requirements to the Five Year Program.

As undergraduates, Art and Design majors fulfill requirements of the Art Education concentration. In addition, students complete seven courses and attached fieldwork in the professional education sequence and pass the state examination for elementary educators.

After earning their Bachelors of arts degrees, during the fifth-year students complete requirements for certification in elementary education, including student teaching at that level. In addition, students concentrate on art education for their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree by completing three graduate courses in K-12 art education, which includes observation in art rooms at the elementary and secondary levels. Students also pass the state examination for art teachers. At the conclusion of the Five-Year Program, students earn an MAT degree as well as Connecticut certification in elementary education grades 1-6 and art education grades K-12.

Required Courses in Art & Design | 39 credits

Foundation Courses

  • AR 101 Art in the Western World Art
  • AR 201 History of Modern Art
  • AR 110 Design: Visual Organization
  • AR 111 Design: Color
  • AR 114 Digital Design Basics
  • AR 120 Drawing I

Advanced-Level Required Courses in Studio Art

  • AR 140 Methods and Materials
  • AR 211 Graphic Design I
  • AR 220 Drawing II: Life
  • AR 225 Design for the Web
  • AR 229 Introduction to Painting
  • AR 250 Introduction to Illustration

Required Supporting Courses | 12 credits

  • ED 101 Educational Psychology
  • ED 152 Education in the United States
  • ED 205 Education of Special Needs Students
  • ED 207 Classroom Management

These required supporting courses for the 5-year MAT program should be taken within the General Education requirements along with any prerequisites:

  • PS 273 Adolescent Development
  • HI 222 United States History to 1865
    • or HI 223 United States History Since 1865